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Mia - July 20 , 2014

Mia has been in Canada since the fall. She had a couple of issues and has been working hard so that she can get her forever family.

Mia must have been alone a lot in her previous life because she is never wanting to be out of touching range. She is okay when left home alone, but she prefers to be able to sit with you all the time. She will grab your leg when you walk by and hold on... And you can see she has so much love to give that it is hard for her to not give it.

Mia is quirky, she hand stand pees when she is allowed. She loves loves loves men. And there isn't much in the way of food that she will pass up.

Mia comes to work with me and she snuggled with kids who have psychological challenges and she gives them unconditional love and they give it back. Mia is afraid of doing the wrong thing and having you mad at her, she will freeze in terror if you raise your voice at her or at another dog, but she is getting better. Originally she would freeze and couldn't move for 30 minutes but now she is down to 1-2 minutes.

Mia can be reactive to other dogs, though she loves her foster sister who is not always nice to be around. I see her more as a frustrated greeter than an aggressive dog, but she would need someone to protect her from strange dogs. I see her kind of like a southern girl who needs a proper introduction before she gets friendly. She isn't a huge fan of walking, though her leash skills are pretty good now, she would be happy running around the back yard (as long as you don't leave her out there, she is afraid you are going to tie her up and leave her)
Mia is ready to get her forever home. She is such a luv bug that it is a shame to not be loving it her own family. She looks older in her pictures but she is only 6 and pretty healthy now.

People that meet Mia all say that she is the most agreeable and loving dog.




Chucho and Barbie - November 4, 2013

Chucho and Barbie or "Chubar" as they would be called if they were a celebrity couple.
They have a wonderful father/daughter relationship. Chucho is very patient with Barbie's puppyish exuberance and she eagerly follows his every move. Although Barbie has a short attention span, she is responding well to treat based positive reinforcement. She is getting used to the sit command, and Chucho has it down pat.
At the start of our fourth full day together, on a chilly but sunny morning in Banff, Barbie and Chucho are curled up together in one of their two crates. This is the most common state of affairs. It's Chucho's crate but Barbie likes to snuggle up with him, which he seems ambivalent about, just wanting to rest. Barbie is ever ready for action and stares longingly into the living room every time she nears a noise suggesting something is going on that she's not involved in.
Chucho and Barbie need to be adopted together as Barbie shows signs of separation anxiety when away from her dad too long.

Phoenix - November 4 , 2013

Phoenix is a beautiful 5 yr old girl who hasn't had the best life experiences up to her coming to us. She produced litter after litter for her original owners but wasn't treated kindly. Phoenix spent her days in a barn with little social interaction or affection. Then, when they were done making money off her, she was offered for sale on Kijiji.

Some wonderful people bought Phoenix but soon realized they didn't have the experience to integrate her into society at large. She was wonderful in their home with their family but very fearful in new situations with new people.

Phoenix has improved by leaps and bounds since coming into foster care. She gets along famously with her three foster brothers and foster sister. She is doing well in obedience class where she is exposed to other dogs and new people.

Phoenix needs a home that will continue to patiently work with her. She's a very loving girl who loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch and bed with her person. She would do well with a calm, laid back boy for company.

Sloan - November 4 , 2013


Sloan is a 7yr old neutered Boxer mix. He has a wonderful temperament and adores people. He gets along with most other dogs. Sloan has been in foster care for over 3 years now. While he is thriving in his foster home, he would love nothing more than to have his own person, rather than be one of 6 or 7 dogs.

Sloan has "paid it forward", being an integral part of the rehabilitation process of a number of behaviorally challenged foster dogs.

Sloan is an energetic, strong guy and is looking for a home with an active person/family who will channel his energy in fun, productive ways.

Sloan needs an experienced family, preferably with no young children due to his high energy. He also requires a placement where his folks understand rules, boundaries and limitations and who are committed to continuing with his training.

If you looking for a hiking and frisbee buddy by day and snuggler by night, Sloan is your guy!


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