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Roo - May 14, 2015

Roo is 19 months old neutered SPECIAL NEEDS Boxer looking for his forever home.

He is on a very strict raw diet due to pretty strong food allergies. He eats 2 pounds of raw primarily beef, and occasionally lamb or llama per day. No grains at all allowed in his diet not even in treats. He gets 2 pills of vanectyl every other day plus a digestive enzyme. If Roo has an allergic flareup he can be giv en a vanectyl dose on the days off.

Roo does have separation issues, and does not like to be crated unless it's to be fed or given a treat. In his foster home he has been left alone loose with other dogs in the home for six hours and there were no issues.

He is house trained and doggie door trained. Loves car rides and new adventures, and is great with all dogs kids and people. That being said, Roo can be quiet and cautious of strangers but warms up very quickly.

Roo needs to have bones, treats and his feeding separate from other animals. Roo is very protective of food with other dogs but does not react to people taking treats or bones away from him. This has to do with his past history in his original home where he was very abused by another dog in the house

Personality wise Roo is super loving, playful, goofy, and still very much a puppy. He loves to learn and is eager to show off his training talents. He does have a very strong need to be with family. All he wants to do is be with you and cuddled up to you.

If you are interested in adopting Roo, please remember he is a SPECIAL NEEDS boy. If his special needs are something you feel you and your family can deal with then please complete our adoption application.


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